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I have written books about sewing for children and adults and I'm the indie designer’s patternmaking secret weapon. I've taught video and in-person classes to anyone who would listen since 2008. I believe that sewing clothes is a radical act of self-love that increases your sense of self-worth. I'm basically your sewing fairy godmother.

So I have been away from my blog because my laptop is completely broken….after the repair by Julia, the battery refused to charge again, so I sent it away to be fixed. After the darned thing was returned by the “authorized repair center” with a new motherboard, it completely died. Again.

Now, to upload photos, I have to take my card and insert it into my old tablet (no keyboard) and upload there…attached to my hard drive by cords (feels like duct tape). The stylus input is somehow broken on my old tablet, so with no keyboard and no screen input, I have to use an external mouse to click on the on-screen keyboard for any text….

Once I finally get photos uploaded (heaven forbid I need photoshop for anything) I have the pleasure of sitting in the living room on the family pc (a jury-rigged 10 year old laptop with a broken screen, plugged into the external monitor and keyboard.)

work in progress_Henry Shirt

"Henry" neckline adjustment

I apologize for my absence (in case anyone noticed), but I have spent some time developing the new (4 item) boys’ line. The “Henry” shirt is almost finished. I have the pattern drafted, and tweaked, and a muslin (actually made from “muslin” fabric for once!) made.

work in progress_Henry Shirt

Working on the sleeves took a lot of patience

I have some exciting plans for boys in sizes 12 mos-8 this Spring. We’ll have a roll-up version of our “Deep Pockets” pants, the brand-new jersey-lined hoodie, “Luka,” and our retro/modern “Henry” shirt.

work in progress_Henry Shirt

As always, perfectly suited for extra-sensitive kids.

I’ve also taken a bit of a break from pattern-making in order to make some clothes for my own kids using some patterns that I didn’t have to spend weeks adjusting!

Peter wanted a cool shirt to wear with his new suit for julia’s 18th birthday party (wow, a lot has happened, hasn’t it?) so I pulled out last Winter’s Ottobre magazine and made the “Neptune” out of some awesome “Damask Rock” fabric from michael miller. I made him a size 152 and it was a bit snug through the middle. It is a “slim-fit” shirt, but I didn’t expect it to be THAT slim. Fortunately, tucked in, and snapped it seems to fit great, and he loves it (isn’t that what’s important?)

neptune slim-fit shirt

Pretty cool shirt, if I do say so myself

neptune slim-fit shirt

Contrast undercollar

neptune slim-fit shirt

Added a larger seam allowance at the sides for a french seam, to keep my ultra-sensitive kiddo comfortable

For a change, I tried out a Japanese Pattern I have liked for ages, but finally found the parfect (European) fabric to justify a distraction from patternmaking. It’s a Shirtdress from isbn 4579111214 “Even Children Can Be Formal” (or something)….the followup book to the popular “New York Kids’ Style” book everyone seems to own (but me) by makie.

Little Bunny in her shirtdress

Winter-style Spring dress (with Jeans and long-sleeved tee)

I only adjusted construction by adding trim and changing seams allowances for enclosed seams, (you know, so my kids will actually WEAR the clothes I make). Otherwise, it’s straight from the patternbook:


Lovely Cluny Lace from FabricHound.com!


Snaps instead...J picked green


Smooth Seams for my little princess

If you’re still reading, thanks for sticking with me through the not-so-brief update.”

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  • teri March 22, 2009, 6:27 pm

    i was wondering where you had run off to. :)

    great shirt. love that fabric…

  • Jennifer March 23, 2009, 3:49 pm

    Luka noticed there had been no new updates, as he often asks me to check “the Ella website.” :)

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