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what i should have done this weekend

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is a lot different from what I actually did, but I’m pretty happy with the outcome…and I still finished my “work” by this morning.

What I should have done is work on my website and make some improvements, as well as finish up some client work. Not to mention, I completely  missed the Green Street Fair. (I did however donate some clothing and yardage for the swap-o-rama-rama, so I’m not a complete loser….I think)

I made another Ella’s Bubble Bottom Skirt, this time out of the irresistible “Fortune” from Anna Maria Horner’s Good Folks line.  Who am I kidding, honestly I cannot resist any of her fabrics and have 20+ more yards arriving this week…I accidentally coordinated the lining from a yard I had lying around of Sandi Henderson’s Farmer’s Market in Autumn Stripey.  The blues and the pinks match almost perfectly, and the golds are a lovely coordinating combination.

Here’s a view with a peek into the lining:


I also piped the yoke with that delicious stripe:


I cannot get enough of these skirts, especially since they only take about 45 minutes to make from tracing to finish!


I’m making a bamboo Little Woo to coordinate with the sweet peeks of pink in here today.  It has been an amazingly productive weekend, thanks to my husband watching Princess Ellabella outside for the majority of Saturday and some of Sunday so I could sew. (Ella hasn’t been sleeping well with her stuffy nose, so I haven’t had even had nighttime working or crafting time!)

I was having sewing space withdrawals. I also finished a pattern for my next One Boy Circus offering, and completed a sample.  Ella claimed the Luka Hoodie immediately as her own, so I will now have the opportunity to test my pattern with different fabrics and some slightly improved construction techniques. 

I promise a photo once it’s clean again.  Oh what the heck…here’s a sneak peek…



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  • Sara May 4, 2009, 7:08 pm

    Karen, that skirt is divine!


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