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Treasure Pocket Pants Sew-along Day 4

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I hope you enjoyed whipping up that faux fly and that you’re proud of all you’ve accomplished so far.

We’re so close to finishing up….how would you like an easy day?  I could use one!  C’mon and let’s get sewing!

Attach the back pants piece to each side of the remaining side panel

As you can see below, the remaining pieces should be sewn, right sides together, to each side panel.  Press the seam allowances away from the side panel and topstitch as before.



Back Center Seam

You may have noticed that the back center seam is 5/8” (not 3/8” as in the rest of the Treasure Pocket Pants).  This is by design, so that the back seam can be finished easily with a “turn and stitch” on each seam allowance to make them ultra-comfy on your kiddo.


After you have stitched the 5/8” seam with the right sides together in back, press the seam open.

Next, turn under each side of the seam allowance under so that the raw edges are tucked close to the original seam, and edgestitch in place from the wrong side.


Your bobbin threads will show on the right side of the pants as a set of parallel lines, so you will probably want to be sure the bobbin is wound with the same color as your other topstitching. (page 130 in the book shows the following illustration to help you out: )


We almost have pants

That’s right, after this there’s only finishing tomorrow! With the right sides together, align the trousers so that the front center seam matches the back center seam and pin in place.  Next, align the raw edges of each leg and pin in place.  Be SURE you have 2 legs forming at this point, otherwise you will have a long, frustrating date with your seam ripper.

(How do I know this?  Shall I show you all the accidental trouser-shaped tubeskirts I’ve made by sewing too quickly, attaching the legs to each other and not to themselves….not paying attention?)


The middle of your legs will hopefully look something like this:



Tomorrow we’re going to finish these up, and they will be the cutest trousers your little guy will wear!

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  • Rachel L March 30, 2016, 1:41 pm

    I’m sewing these pants and have gotten confused on direction #10 (and probably through 12). I’m online searching for help and found this tutorial, but can’t find day 3. Is it available still? Or can you offer advice?


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