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The Little Spark I needed

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My friend Carrie wrote a book.  I knew she was writing it.  In fact, I pre-ordered it, standing in her booth at Quilt Market in Pittsburgh, the second it became available.  I have already purchased 4 copies, because I love it so much I want to give it to everyone I care about.

Carrie opens up her heart in this book.  You will see. once you begin reading the introduction, that she lives her creativity, and she truly wants you to open up to yours!  The words are so beautiful I keep closing the cover while I shut my eyes to absorb and digest the words I just read. (…and to keep the tears from falling all over the pages, because I feel like she knows my heart).  

I want to put her words on posters around the house, just to remind me to stay true to myself.

I read and say “Yes” then read more and say “Oh, yes” then I close the book and try to wait, to absorb it all but I can’t wait to devour the next Spark!  For me, the best way to use this book was to read it through, soaking in the truth, then read it again and do the prompts

Do yourself a favor, buy it for yourself, then buy 3 more copies for the people you love most in the world. 

Carrie is hosting a giveaway over on her blog, (enter it to replace the one you buy for yourself and then give to your best friend).


I am so in love with her book, I will be giving one away at the Detroit Urban Craft Fair this weekend at my booth for Gentle Clothing.  I hope I’ll see you there!


click on the image to enter the giveaway on Carrie’s Blog

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