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Spring Top Sewalong

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Yippeeee!  Did you notice Rae has launched this year’s Spring Top Sewalong?

I knew it was coming, so I already started.  This weekend I cut out a raglan scoop-neck tee, altered it a bit from the original tracing (thanks, Rae!) which I traced from a tracing Rae made and altered for herself from an existing tee. (telephone game, anyone?)

I love sewing with knits, but this one was a little “too stable” for my liking.  It barely stretches, which looks fine when it’s on, and was much easier to sew, but getting it in place on my body is a squeezy challenge, as I usually allow the stretch of the knit fabric to take care of the FBA for me.  Oh well.  It’s cotton and bamboo, and I left the edges raw, like I do on my kids’ shirts.  I’m probably going to make 10 of these before I make anything else for myself.

spring top #1

p.s. I know my hair is pink and purple…Yes, Mom, I did that on purpose.


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  • Jodi March 13, 2012, 8:05 pm

    I hope I am as awesome as you when I am your age.

    • Karen March 19, 2012, 6:33 am

      You will be awesomer ;)


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