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West Willis Village (I lived there before it had a name) had a sweet little bash today, so Ella and I headed down to check it out (and to stop by our favorite bakery, Avalon International Breads).

While we were in line for snacks, a sweet kid came up to Ella and asked her if she had a chance to make a craft yet. Ella said, “not yet” and then was led to a craft table set up right outside the bakery.  I was so proud of her for going on out by herself (I could see her through the window).

She came back in, to reassure me that she wasn’t far…

Then she came back in again because the line was moving slowly and she became frightened that I wasn’t going to come out….

Then she came back in to wait with me while I poured my coffee and paid for the vegan baked goods I picked up for us.  Finally she went out to make something and I stood with her.  Sometimes I forget that she’s only two years old!

WestWillisVillage062009 001 WestWillisVillage062009 002 WestWillisVillage062009 003

After she made something out of clay and talked to the big girls who helped her (and who hosted the craft table) we waited in line to have her face painted.

The artist was so patient and gave each child exactly what they requested.  Sometimes 3 or four separate paintings on each face.  Fortunately Ella and I don’t mind the hot weather, and the music across the street was some fabulous Jazz, so we stood in line and moved to the music and drank some juice.  We discussed what she’d like on her face, and she had decided on a blue flower.

WestWillisVillage062009 004WestWillisVillage062009 005

Finally, it was time to climb up in the chair.

WestWillisVillage062009 006

When asked what she wanted on her face, she asked for a giraffe.

      WestWillisVillage062009 007 WestWillisVillage062009 008 WestWillisVillage062009 009 WestWillisVillage062009 010 WestWillisVillage062009 011

A GIRAFFE!!  A million thanks to the generous and talented face painter, because I had the happiest girl!!

WestWillisVillage062009 013
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  • Jennifer June 24, 2009, 12:41 pm

    that giraffe is so cool!!


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