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Some Unsewing

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I’ve been looking for an alternative to shorts for my little wild thing as the summer arrives, and short of putting her in knee pads at all times, we’re left with pedal-pusher length capris.  She received a pair of khaki pants similar to these from our friend Zoe, and since I observed J dressing her in them at every opportunity, I thought I’d better work on replicating the style. A couple weeks ago I made a test pair of pink linen with striped trim, but found them to be a bit baggy.  Last week I tried again, altering my original pattern to put together a pair of slimmer-fit some capris out of some kokka Ouka fabric I’ve been hoarding since last year. We love the result:

A_Z_ouka 004A_Z_ouka 003A_Z_ouka 005 A_Z_ouka 006

A_Z_ouka_ellacapris 003 A_Z_ouka_ellacapris-001

I made a coordinating top from the same pattern as the little unicorn dress I made in double gauze, but it didn’t come out the way I’d imagined.

I think the fabric, a linen/cotton dobby weave, lends itself better to a simpler construction.  So, the first top, while admittedly cute, was a bit fussy for our tastes:

ellaouka2_061509 062 A_Z_ouka_ellacapris 007ellaouka2_061509 094 ellaouka2_061509 084

I salvaged the other shirt for reconstruction by doing some unsewing, and creating a new yoke/neckline. I kept the cotton lace and the velvet rickrack details, “ungathered” the front and back, which required taking out some width from the side seams and bound the arms instead of adding a sleeve.

treelover2lomo treeloverlomo

oukaback2lomo ouka_backlomo ducksoukalomo

We all like it better this way.

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  • christina June 16, 2009, 10:22 am

    It’s funny — i wouldn’t hesitate to frog a knitting project that wasn’t quite right but I never think to do that to my sewing. I need to keep this in mind!

  • Kristin June 17, 2009, 11:02 pm

    You are so creative. What an adorable outfit!


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