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Sisterly Crafternoons

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My Summer has been filled with pattern testing, getting the Fall line ready for release, planning, planning, and a little sewing.  Julia (my stepdaughter) came home from Michigan State a few weeks ago, and she has a great summer job: her little sister’s nanny.  She thinks it’s great, because, well, she gets to spend 3 days a week with her favorite little person. (And let’s face it, when even adults can’t find jobs around here, hers is pretty cushy).  Ella thinks it’s great, because she doesn’t get to see Julia very often otherwise and she loves her big sister SO MUCH.

We think it’s great because Ella will actually spend time with her (away from me) and we can trust her completely.  This way, I can complete my deadlines for Patterns by Figgy’s without interruption 3 days a week, and PLAY four days a week.

As for the sisters, so far they have gone to the Detroit Zoo 3 or 4 times, made crafts here at home, attended the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum, played at the park, had tea parties, gardened, and sewn dolly clothes and felt friends.

In fact, this afternoon, Julia (without a pattern) whipped up a beautiful kimono for Ella’s dolly out of some leftover Kokka Bunny Cotton (originally used as a gift for my nephew)

Those paper dollies in the background?  They were a gift from Shelly to celebrate the end of diapers in our house!  Yay!  What a big summer — and it’s just begun!

ella_caroline_kimonojuliella_zooday1_52510 (5)

Tee for Two Dress
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