I run, I craft, I write, and I make your favorite clothes.

I have written books about sewing for children and adults and I'm the indie designer’s patternmaking secret weapon. I've taught video and in-person classes to anyone who would listen since 2008. I believe that sewing clothes is a radical act of self-love that increases your sense of self-worth. I'm basically your sewing fairy godmother.

Kreativ Blogger Award

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Thanks to Astrid for the sweet mention in her blog and a Kreativ Blogger award!

As you know, I was lucky enough to meet Astrid and her beautiful children while we were in Denmark this past November.  She makes beautiful garments for her beautiful children and there’s NO WAY you’d guess that she just started sewing recently.  Her sense of style is amazing.


Some rules come with receiving this award.

1. Copy the award to your site – 2. Link to the person from whom you received the award – 3. Nominate 7 other bloggers – 4. Link to those on your blog – 5. Leave a message on the blogs you nominated


So here are the blogs I’d like to nominate, in no particular order….

Figgy’s Studio – what’s not to love about Shelly?  She brought me to 1000markets out of the blue.  Makes me laugh, inspires me, and has become my friend.  Go check out her beautiful creations and her gorgeous kids.

assemblage – I’ve admired this amazing aussie’s work for ages on flickr.  Her blog is even more stunning.

Off The Cuff ~Style~ – Pam’s truly amazing.  I love her Ottobre hacks, and always lean something new on her blog. (plus, her company Fashion Sewing Supply has the best interfacing around, so I always stock up when she has a sale!!)

sew-mad – what first brought me to this madhatter’s blog was her interpretation of Japanese Patterns into her own unique style.  Keep reading and you’ll find some serious style in every corner of her life to inspire you!

Greco Woodcrafting – John is the leader of the 1000markets Child’s Play market, and the creator of some perfection in toys.  We gave some of his cars to our one-year-old nephew for his birthday and they are now his favorite toy!  He’s also a great resource for information on the CSPIA debacle that faces all of us who create for children.

Label-Free – a collaborative blog of some of my favorite bloggers on the web.  (I hope it’s not cheating to nominate a collaborative blog?)  Tutorials, reviews, recommendations, the works!

Grosgrain Fabulous – Kathleen makes gorgeous clothing and GIVES IT AWAY.  Her designs are fabulous and I’m happy to see she’s opened a shop, too!

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