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KCWC Day 2 (&3)

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I know I missed the first day, but TRUST me, I was doing something kids’ clothes related.  I cannot tell you about it now, but it was a big and busy deadline day.

I went into the storage room next to my sewing space so I could pull out the rest of my fabrics from when my friend Miranda was living here (she had a lovely bedroom in what is now my sewing space again).  I found a lot of knits I forgot I had.  That’s a good thing.  Also, since I’ve been whining forever about not having time to make a long-sleeved Tee For Two, I was delighted to see elsiemarley had one made for her lovely daughter in yesterday’s initial KCWC post.

Ella keeps begging me for a blue dress.  Ready, Set Go!



I went downstairs with the little punk to cut out a “light blue, soft dress with long sleeves for cool weather—

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