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it’s small craft time

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Amy and Ethan are at it again – and this time they took their show on the road.  This weekend they will be at DIYpsi. It promises to be a great weekend, if my kid can get better to do all the fun mommy-kid stuff I want to do with her!  I hope you’ll make your way to Ypsilanti to join us to make a Tomten in time for Winter Solstice.


He’s an eerie shadow, haunting the tombs. And a lovable gnome, watching the children. He’s a helpful farmer, caring for animals. And a surly brawler, fighting for porridge. Meet the Tomten: a visitor from a solstice that was too wild to be remembered, and too joyful to be forgotten. Tomten figurines, with their tall hats and long beards, are familiar figures in Scandinavian homes this time of year. And from noon to 3:00 on Saturday, December 8, Small Craft will help you make a Tomten of your own.
Like the Tomten, Small Craft are visitors from a more wild and joyful era. And like the Tomten, they’re a strange little bundle of contradictions. They’re a friendly family, sharing homemade cookies. And an angry mob, battling corporate culture. They’re an indie business, selling crafty products. And they’re anti-business, shunning mass production.
Small Craft has a monthly residency at the Trumbullplex, a legendary theater and housing collective in Detroit’s Woodbridge neighborhood. But they’re on tour all winter, bringing creative skillshares to some of Southeast Michigan’s most beloved venues. The tour starts with a visit to DIYpsi, and a Tomten-themed social crafting experience.
So gather round their table, with friends old and new. Remember the simple pleasures of huddling for warmth, and making by hand. Craft a strange figurine from a scrap of felt. And if your eyes are wild and your spirit joyful, you may even catch a glimpse of the real, live Tomten.

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