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if i had my camera

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…then you’d see Ella’s first taste of cherries.  Half a pint, one bite from each berry (so careful to leave the pit attached to the stem and the uneaten half of each)…

For dinner she had “spicy beans” (channa masala) and they were indeed very spicy, so she would take a bite, stick out her tongue and say “owie” but then proceed to eat the rest of the mouthful and take another!  She is growing up!  She will be out-eating Peter in the spice department by the time she’s 2.

I’d also post a picture of my work-in-progress Knoblauch-Rock from a Farbenmix Pattern.  I’m stuck trying to figure out how to finish the hem. There were no instructions on finishing, and I see that it would have been beautiful as a fully faced hem band, but alas, I’ve already french seamed all the (many) panels.  I’m also not entirely certain that I even like this pattern (from an eBook I purchased) but we’ll see once I figure out how to hem it and finally add the adorable pockets.  It’s made from Annamaria Horner’s Chocolate Lollipop fabrics to coordinate with this blouse that I made Ella and her friend, C.

I missed my own personal deadline of getting my etsy shop up and running by June 1.  I hate missing my own deadlines.  I did, however, manage to purchase some MORE fabric,and am happy to share (now that I have mine already purchased) that JoAnn Fabrics has their lovely linens at 60% off!

Ella’s sleeping in her own bed again! (insert mixed emotion of your choice here, I’m sure it will apply.) SO, I should get to sleep in mine.  Photos and more sewing tomorrow.

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  • Astrid June 2, 2008, 2:51 am

    With your descriptions, I’m visualizing everything! (Still looking forward to seeing what you’re making, though…) Ella’s just wonderful – curiosity and openness – that can’t go wrong! :)

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