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Full, Nourishing Weekend

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So, Peter and I attended yet another fabulous cooking class at the Detroit Evolution Laboratory. I love that they are willing, enthusiastic even, about having a 10 year old in class. We made stunningly delicious food, as ever, and shared a meal and conversation with our classmates. One of the classmates commented that the discussion was a little heady for a kid to take in; but Peter is fascinated by people and opinions, and wants to learn as much as possible. The only issue is that it “seems” like he’s not paying attention, or even a little bored at times. I know that’s not the case, however, as we discussed the regeneration of a city and culture on the way home from our class. I came to understand that he takes things in differently from most people.

Peter wanted to help at the Great American Meat-Out, and so Gregg and Angela graciously agreed to have him “

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  • Jennifer May 8, 2008, 12:04 pm

    I love this photo… and all of your stuff! You are so talented, but I knew that way back when.

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