I run, I craft, I write, and I make your favorite clothes.

I have written books about sewing for children and adults and I'm the indie designer’s patternmaking secret weapon. I've taught video and in-person classes to anyone who would listen since 2008. I believe that sewing clothes is a radical act of self-love that increases your sense of self-worth. I'm basically your sewing fairy godmother.

Ella eats salad

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The first of my vegetarian kids to like salad.

TN Feb 2010 010

Ella makes Patterns:

TN Feb 2010 009

Ella loves Water (even when she’s only next to it and not in it):

TN Feb 2010 aquarium (78)

Ella draws herself as a superhero (blue eyes and wild hair!):

TN Feb 2010 airplane (5)

Ella loves her Brother:

TN Feb 2010 airplane (2)

..and she loves me, too:

TN Feb 2010 aquarium (84)
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  • Sarah February 24, 2010, 10:18 am

    Hi Karen,

    Hello fellow Detroiter!
    Saw you in the comments section of the Fashion_incubator site.
    I began my own contracting facility after being burned in LA.
    I can’t say I do apparel contracts anymore, but I do have an amazing industrial sewing machine studio with super long table. I’m always itching to meet other apparel people in the area. I have a pretty good network.
    I’d love to get some tea with you some day or give you a tour of my wortkspace at the Russell Industrial Center.

    Sarah Lapinski

    ps the link to your blog from Kathleens site is misspelled or something, doesn’t link directly:)


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