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DIY Street Fair

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It’s strange for me, focusing so much on getting ramped up and so little on craft fairs these past couple years.  I miss the pre-show excitement and strong feelings of community and the collaboration I experience doing craft fairs.  For that reason alone, I made an exception to my keep your head down and focus priority so that I could participate in the Handmade Detroit booth at DIY Street Fair this past weekend.

I had the most wonderful booth-mates in MyMarigold, Glass Action, Chuppy Love, Color me Punk, and Jodi Lynn’s Emporium of Doodles.  Yes, I spent everything I earned on gifts.  Yes, I’m thrilled that I did this show.  Yes, I will do it again.

I worked the Friday and Satruday Night shifts.  A benefit of having such a huge cooperative team sharing a booth is that you can get away with working a couple shifts vs. the entire weekend.  And when you work with crafters you trust, as I do, you can count on them to sell your stuff when you aren’t physically in the tent…and that means I had the opportunity to play with my girl all day Sunday!

Ella was dying to go on the Ferris Wheel.  If you know me well, you know that I have terrible motion sickness.  I take Dramamine to travel by airplane.  Also, I’m afraid of heights. (And yet, I have climbed a 14,000 ft. mountain – it’s a mystery of me)  One more thing, I can’t handle waiting in line for very long.  When I tell you I cheerfully waited for an hour in line to ride the Ferris Wheel with my daughter, you know that I would do ANYTHING for her. […and I didn’t mention to her that I was afraid of heights until afterward.  She told me I should remember how much fun we had, and I wouldn’t be afraid any more.]  Love that girl!

waiting in line

c’mon, mommy!


not entirely sure about this….

worth every second for this smile!

view from the top

chuppy love for Ella

After we were able to escape the ferris wheel (of terror), I treated us to an orange/clove sorbet thanks to Treat Dreams. We had vegan hot dogs for lunch, an amazing cup of Great Lakes Coffee for me, enormous water for Ella, and then we saw a notice about the World’s Biggest Hopscotch next weekend on our way into the FREE kid’s fair! It couldn’t have been better.

world record?

If you’re anywhere near Detroit, you should really get to the DIY Street Fair next September. I promise, it’s wonderful.

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