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Complementary Colors

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It is just 5 hours after I went to sleep, up all night solving last minute problems with my business partner, Shelly, over Skype.  After a couple near freak-outs (from each side), we are truly going to have a wonderful set of patterns to offer. 

We’re alike is so many ways:

1. We are both thoroughly passionate about sewing (especially for Boys)

2. We laugh.  A lot.  At, with, and about each other as well.

3. We aren’t afraid to tell each other what we think.

4. We have similar taste in just about everything (except for food) yet we challenge each other with the parts that don’t overlap. This is especially apparent in our respective fabric addictions.

5. We are both highly creative in our thinking and doing…which leads to some fun problems, and good results.


I think it’s valuable to our customers that the two of us are so different in many ways. Polar extreme input can lead to magical output.

a. I can get bogged down with almost meaningless details, and she brings me back up to think about the final, larger picture.

b. She has a charming, magnanimous personality, which makes her suited to handle the sales/relationship aspect of our business.  I am a “more comfortable in the background” type, which makes me suited to deal with “engineering” problems.

c. Our creativity lies in different arenas, and we respect the others’ talents, while not fearing to question the reasons behind a decision the other makes.

d. We have completely different perspectives on the “How” of garment construction, which leads to options for our pattern customers, while providing consistent look out the outside. 

e. I love the process of sewing as much as the output. It is a source of great satisfaction for me to have done something “perfectly.” (ha)  Shelly loves to make things, a lot of them, and enjoys having beautiful completed garments and projects.

In these ways, we are like complementary colors…each bringing out the best in each other. 200px-BYR_color_wheel_svg

These are just a very few reasons I’m so lucky she found me.  She pushes me forward, and inspires me.  We each think the other does more “work.” and we’re both right.  After a rough night, it’s a beautiful morning, and I’m so excited with what we’ve made together.


Do you work, play, or live with someone who is different from you? In a business relationship, friendship, life partnership, how do you bring out the best in each other?

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  • Kelly March 11, 2010, 1:55 pm

    Do you remember that scene in the Adam Sandler “meh” film The Wedding Singer where John Lovitz watches Sandler’s character have a freak out, and Lovitz says, “He’s going crazy… and I’m reaping the benefits!” and wiggles his fingers together and slowly backs into the darkness? That is what I’m thinking. You ladies are embarking on this crazy and awesome adventure and here I am … just waiting for the awesomeness to roll in.

    Your partnership sounds like a wonderful thing. I’m glad for you that you have it.

  • Shelster March 18, 2010, 11:55 pm

    ahhhhh! I love this K!
    You are my ying or yang or something like that. :)


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