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brrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..ice sculptures

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My dear, darling Tracy was in town from California for a wedding and we had the good fortune of hosting her for a while.  We transformed Julia’s room from the teenaged den of sloth and torpor it was (complete with 40 mountain dew bottles) into a respectable guest room.  I try not to think about how she will respond when she comes home from Michigan State for a weekend. I wish we had a before picture. Seriously.  J really earned his daddy badge (of course he hasn’t told her yet!) …moving right along:

Tracy wanted to see the Plymouth Ice Festival, and since I’ve never been, I agreed that Ella and I would accompany her.  It was cold, very cold.  We went the day before it officially opened and witnessed the carving of some of the sculptures which was impressive.  Ella was absolutely fascinated.  I was freezing.

I love my Ella and my Tracy, so I didn’t complain (aloud) about the chill. I was wearing my heated jacket (I know!)

 Ella and Mommy my grrrrrrlzsweetie with a penguin scuba diverall lined up carving ice skater snowboard hockey how appropriate....pigs!    We had a lovely afternoon wandering around the sweet downtown.  We discovered an adorable little tea shop and each purchased some “Earl Grey Extreme” because we girls love the bergamot.  Extremely.

Ella and J and I have to head to California soon.  I simply must have a hike with Tracy.  It has been too long since we’ve had outdoorsy fun together.

You know the kind of relationship where you are busy with your lives, but you always think of one another?  One where when you finally do have the opportunity to slow down and connect, it’s as if you haven’t missed a beat? It’s wonderful isn’t it?

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  • Rae February 4, 2010, 1:55 am

    Hey that’s my town! We probably bumped shoulders with you guys while being herded through the crowds. Although, unlike your darling, my boy completely ignored the ice sculptures, making a point of announcing fire hydrants whenever he saw them instead.


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