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BoHo De-Luxe for my momma

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Since she didn’t think she’d make any of the projects in the (awesome) book I got my mom for her birthday, she asked me to make her a shirt instead.  I bought her this pattern last summer and have been dying to make it for both of us.

I started by taking measurements.  My mom and I are both of the ignorance is bliss school when it comes to stepping on a scale or taking our own measurements, and then we wonder why the garments we make (cut from an assumed size) have such fitting problems.  I wasn’t going to let our fear of the measuring tape stop us so I took my mom’s measurements and wrote them (out of her view) in the various size categories on the back of this envelope.  I traced off a pattern using the various sizes we needed for each area and then tried on the swedish tracing paper muslin on (with tape.  I know you can sew that stuff, but I needed quick and dirty in the kitchen so Ella didn’t get upset with us for not including her this time.) 

She had initially chosen a brown linen with Anna Maria Horner’s Chocolate Lollipop “Perky plaid” as accent colors imagewhich, honestly, would look fabulous on her reddish hair, blue-eyed yet warm complexion.  So I went downstairs to find it before she came to visit and could not resist grabbing the denim-blue Tencel that was waiting on the bottom shelf.  Almost the same color as my mom’s eyes, and a perfect match for the Kaffe Fassett “Paperweights” fabric I just picked up in “pastel.”


I should mention that she requested I don’t “take all that time making the inside finishes perfect.”

Yeah, right.  As if I’m not going to make this the most perfect garment I’ve ever sewn.  It’s a birthday gift, for goodness’ sake!  For My Mother.

I am very excited to make this shirt for her.  Now I should carve some time out to get going!

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  • christina June 26, 2009, 8:35 am

    Aw, that’s nice! I made my mom a couple of shirts a few weeks ago — she’s 5 ft tall and very round so nothing on the rack ever fits. It’s so different from sewing kid’s clothes but there’s still that same warm feeling of making something for someone you love.

  • karenlepage June 29, 2009, 9:40 pm

    Christina, I am really hoping for a good fit here. I’m pretty intimidated. I mean, my mom taught me to sew (and encouraged me to read directions…not in my nature!) She’s rather tall, but other than that we’re not so differently shaped, so I told her if she doesn’t like it, I’ll keep it for myself ;) …and make her another of course!


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