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Blissful Beautiful transcendent Wedding

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I love it when people get married in their OWN way.  Our friends Gregg and Angela were married this Saturday. 

Ella and Peter were asked to participate and they were both thrilled to do so.  I was also honored to help pull off the first wedding in the Temple for the American Dream (which Peter and I helped to build!) in under 2 days.

Working with the Detroit Evolution Laboratory has brought me so many new friends, and has quite honestly given me a “place” (even in my own life) where I’m not out of place.  I love my friends Angela and Gregg for that, and for the confidence they’ve given Peter, by having confidence in him and his abilities, and for helping me and my family to BELIEVE in Detroit again.  There’s so much to say, but Pictures are always better:


Ella and Mommy before the wedding P1010785

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