I run, I craft, I write, and I make your favorite clothes.

I've never met anything I couldn't sew. Sewing makes me happy. I specialize in heirloom-quality garments and modern but timeless design. I love the challenge of creating garments specific to your needs, whether a tutu for a sensitive little ballerina, an extra tough pair of pants that is soft on the inside for that rough and tumble kid, your every day favorite clothes, or an elaborate formal gown. When it comes to sewing, I make things happen!

I made it - for the AutoGlow Reception

I made a dress to match my hair

I’m a gentle-living, hard-rocking, granola-geek-like, yoga-practicing, veggie-eating, wife-mom-friend-sister-daughter-artist. I can make anything. I ride a motorcycle and I have climbed mountains, both literal and figurative.

I co-host Southeast Michigan Crafty Meetups every month, design sewing patterns, teach sewing classes, volunteer in the Ann Arbor and Detroit crafty communities, and make bespoke garments for people who are sensitive, hard-to-fit, or just too individual for off the rack clothes.

I love teaching almost as much as I love learning.

I worked as a sewing pattern designer for kid clothes at Patterns by Figgy’s, and I’m a craft book author.